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Who are we?

We are an Educational Centre that assists with children’s schoolwork, whose parents have chosen to enrol their children in England with King of Kings Christian school in their distance learning programme.

Christian Education Europe (CEE) is the educational company that supplies curriculum to and monitors the quality assurance and implementation of the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E) curriculum in King of Kings Christian School and Adamant International Centre of Education.

The A.C.E curriculum is a personalised system of instruction. The system creates the opportunity for a student to work in an individualised, self-paced manner that embraces discovery and mastery learning. The A.C.E system of education provides a solution to the serious challenges currently faced in public schools.

Here at Adamant International, children do not have to work isolated from home but can get the help they need with their schoolwork given by people experienced in working with the A.C.E curriculum. At the same time, they enjoy being in a collaborative working environment and learning together in the different extracurricular activities in the afternoons. We provide an environment for our students to grow and excel.

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Along the years we developed a professional international team who are trained in the A.C.E curriculum.

Maybe you have the same desire as ours to provide a different education for your children, in a safe learning environment with a pleasant atmosphere in which the theory is welded with practice and creativity?

But, more than this, perhaps you desire that they will become the future generation, people with character, a solid foundation, and responsible. Who will not only obtain a good job, but will also live their lives for God?​

If so, we proudly present to you “Adamant International Centre of Education”!


It is a one-year program designed for students aged 3 to 5 and students not ready to read. During this phase, students get prepared for the ABC’s programme.

In addition to maths and language, a primary focus of kindergarten, students also learn science, the arts, health and safety, and physical education. Socialization skills are developed, such as taking turns, waiting to be called on by the teacher, and being kind to others.

It is a one-year program designed for school-aged students ready to read and write. It is especially suitable for students whose second language is English.

Academically, students have reading preparation lessons, scientific units, language skills and mathematical concepts like counting up to 100. Students also learn numbers and shape recognition, maths preparation skills, phonic sounds and letter recognition. In addition, the ABC’s students learn to blend the sounds and begin reading one and two vowel words by spring.

Art and writing activities, gym time and breaks involve the muscles, which contribute to physical development.

It is an English programme that provides students with academics, skill-building, reading practice, character training and knowledge of God and His Word.

The Foundation Phase provides for students from Level 1 – 3. It is an exciting and adventurous moment for young students who thrive in an atmosphere of creativity and discovery. At Adamant International, we ensure that our lessons carry out engaging and imaginative activities that make learning fun and easy.

It is an English programme that provides students with academics, skill-building, reading practice, character training and knowledge of God and His Word.

During the Intermediate Phase, subject content is developed. Young students are interested in learning about their community and their world. They begin to shape their own unique identity, opinion and vision of the world. With support from parents and teachers, students respond to encouragement, discipline, and behaviour modelling.

It is an English programme that provides students with academics, skill-building, reading practice, character training and knowledge of God and His Word.

The senior and Further Education Training (FET) phase is vital for students beginning their transition to adulthood. Students work to obtain the International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE) during this phase.

The ICCE Programme is based on the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E) curriculum, used in Christian schools and homeschools worldwide for the past 40 years. ICCE offers an educational standard that effectively equips students for higher education and the workplace. In addition, we ensure that students have the proper support of helpful career development tools, guidance and advice.

ICCE is a baccalaureate-style qualification with various exit levels – General, Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced Higher. Meaning students will have to complete a level entirely and obtain a certificate before proceeding to the next level.

ICCE provides graduate students with an internationally accepted qualification to enter colleges and universities in many countries worldwide. However, in some places, which also includes Romania still to this day, the certificate alone is not sufficient. Therefore, students graduating with us will also prepare for the Graduate Equivalency Degree (GED) test and the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), which gives them access to Romanian universities.




Our Community

A.C.E Learning Centres In Romania

Adamant International - Câmpina

(004) 0730 620 220

Faith - Cernica

(004) 0741 170 282

Forever Kids - Bran

(004) 0727 300 821

Little Lights - Bacău

(004) 0746 955 266

Timothy - Satu Mare (Suceava)

(004) 0746 097 403

Treasure Learning Centre (Suceava)

(004) 0757 972 947

Paideusis - Iași

(004) 0755 146 659

Sophia Educational Centre - Timișoara

(004) 0735 972 599

Ovadia Education Centre - Timișoara

(004) 0743 123 870



What Students Are Saying

"I was in public school for 4 years, and then I moved to Adamant International. When I first started, I was a little scared. This was a new Centre, with new teachers, new rules, and a new curriculum. It was an entirely different environment. The curriculum is really nice because we get to work at our own pace. In public schools, we work 4 hours a day.  At Adamant, we have 4 hours of work, along with afternoon activities. Overall, I am pleased to be part of this Educational Centre."

"In these eight years of attending A.C.E schooling, I have had absolutely no regrets of the decision to transfer myself from public school. This Educational Centre helped me develop my character which is as important to me as educational development and being able to learn at my own pace is my favourite part of the curriculum. I am certain that the lessons learnt here will benefit me greatly in the future."

"This is my second full year at Adamant International. I have been homeschooled before and for me, the biggest problem was managing to reach my goals. This Educational Centre helped me understand the value of time and taught me discipline. I love seeing the process of becoming productive and organised. Of course, the teachers are the ones that guided us through this challenge, and I’m grateful for it."

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Location: Str. Bucegi nr. 9 Bis. | Câmpina, 105600 | Prahova

Telephone: (004) 0730 620 220

Email: info.adamant.educentre@gmail.com