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When do the students have holidays?

You are welcome to click on the link to download our yearly calendar for this year.

What do I do if, after a few years, my child has to go back to public school for whatever reason?

We had a few children at various levels who had to go back to public school, and there was never a problem. In some cases, children were accepted to public school by showing their transcript without further testing, and in other cases, children were tested beforehand.

Can my child enrol later on in the year?

Because of individual learning, a child can join at any time of the year. However, only for the children of Kindergarten and ABC age, it might mean they will not be ready to pass the test at the end of the school year, and they might have to continue the following year in the same group.

My child has some learning and/or behavioural problems. Is he/she still welcome?

Out of experience, we have seen that the structure of this programme, offering individualized learning and smaller classrooms, are beneficial for children struggling with some extra challenges. We would be honoured to think and discuss with the parent and see what the best learning environment could be for the child.

We are non-Christians. Can my child still join this Educational Centre?

Every child is welcome in our Educational Centre. However, we expect the child and parent to respect our biblical norms and values and for the child to participate in all daily activities.

Will my child be able to get into Romanian colleges or universities with this diploma?

Many Romanian colleges and universities accept foreign high school diplomas and student testing. Besides the choices within Romania, there are many colleges and universities around the world that accept this diploma.

What does it cost for my child to come to this Educational Centre?

Since we are a private Educational Centre, we do not get funded by the government. So parents in the school carry the cost for their child’s schooling, including staff salaries, bills, taxes, maintenance, school supplies, etc. For specific costs, check out our Admissions page.

Will my child do the Baccalaureate exam after completing high school?

No, students will not do the Romanian Baccalaureate exam. Instead, we prepare students for the GED and SAT testing. These tests are internationally recognized and show that the student is ready for college and university.

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