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The A.C.E programme starts from kindergarten up to high school. The obtained diploma and academic level of preparation have been considered equivalent to the university level of Cambridge in England after a completed study done in 2011. It is a programme used worldwide, which offers students a bilingual education based on Biblical principles and building a personal character.

The core subjects are Mathematics, English, Vocabulary, Literature and Creative Writing, Social Studies and Science. Later on, the following subjects are added: History, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Foreign Languages and others. The curriculum is presented in the form of workbooks called PACEs. The PACEs we use are printed in English. However, we communicate with the students in both English and Romanian during the morning and afternoon activities.

We are currently expanding the curriculum by developing new PACEs regarding the History of Romania, the Geography of Romania, and the Romanian Language.



Academic Department

We offer a complete, self-paced curriculum that integrates biblical truths and character values into all subjects and grade levels. Biblical principles and concepts are intertwined in every aspect of the curriculum, developing critical thinking and apologetic skills.


Students learn to address mathematical problems in a well-founded step-by-step manner, from four-function mathematics to algebra and differential calculus. Students are encouraged to recognize God as the orderly and absolute creator.


Grammar and Usage

The appropriate use of English as a language is not native to an individual but a skill to be developed. The program does this through its balanced scope and sequence, which includes a broad repetition of the eight parts of the speech and step-by-step training in research and essay writing.


Word Structure & Spelling

Word creation enhances students’ vocabulary, confidence and ability to spell. Basic spelling rules are presented and illustrated while studying the meaning of suffixes, prefixes, and root words helps students build new words and expand their vocabulary.


Literature & Creative Writing

Young students are encouraged to love reading and are guided by the basic concepts of creative writing. Using study guides, older students sample the classics, modern literature, and poetry from different periods.

Biology, Physics, & Chemistry

A.C.E takes students’ natural curiosity about their physical surroundings and helps them build a strong foundation based on biblical principles. Both approach and content are non-evolutionary. Experiments are carried out, and laboratory lectures are presented on DVD.

History, Geography, & Economics

Social Studies views the history of the world and the cultures of God’s perspective as the creator and controller of the universe. The PACEs develop deductive thinking and include various activities, with examples of those who have practised God’s precepts throughout the ages.



For each high school level, a number of elective courses must be completed and the core subjects to obtain the credits required to graduate. Students will select the courses they wish to take.

Extra-Curricular Programmes

Adamant International creates opportunities for students to come together to join in afternoon activities. They not only have fun doing so but also learn social skills.

Young Musicians

Students are given the opportunity to develop their musical skills in a group setting or individual lessons.

Art & Crafts

Students are encouraged to be creative and develop their creative problem-solving skills.


Teaching students the important lesson of teamwork and respecting the rules and authority enhances physical and mental growth.


English Classes

Teaching students the basics of English as a second language. We encouraged parents to get involved in learning this language with their children.

Chapel Time

Conducted by one of our international pastors. The main purpose of Chapel Time is to hear, discuss and learn from God’s Word, to pray together and build up encouragement.

Romanian Language History and Geography

Students need to know the History and Geography of their own native country or country of residence. We encourage students to discover the beauty of Romania.

Community Service

Teaching students to serve and help others and expand their worldview, develop empathy and learn to appreciate what they have—at the same time, visiting the elderly, cleaning, gardening and raising funds for a good cause.

Science Experiments and Games

Students often learn better by taking part in hands-on experiences, which encourage students to observe, ask questions, touch, feel, experiment, discover, learn and enjoy!


Mastering fine and gross motor skills are essential for a child’s growth, independence, and cognitive development. In addition, it will help them gain strength and confidence in their body. With various activities, students will exercise​ their larger and smaller muscles.

Practical Skills

Practical classes prepare students for all aspects of work. Students gain experience in day to day life and develop techniques right under their sleeves while working in the greenhouse, baking, sewing etc.

Computer Classes

Students will engage in project-based learning activities. Such as creating presentations, graphs, letters, surveys and much more. Each lesson comes with a ready-made workbook and a teacher guide. As a result, students will have a complete understanding of how to use Microsoft Office. In addition, they will obtain skills that can be used in the workplace today.

Future Readiness Online Courses

Future-ready learning is all about developing lifelong skills in multiple ways. Students are signed up for courses through Edynamic Learning. These courses are compared to college standards. Here are some courses students have participated in Graphic Design, Coding, Entrepreneurship, Photography, Animation, Game Design, and many more. These courses help students pursue their interests and develop a future.

Career Ready & Elective Courses

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