The vision for this project started when we were faced with the growing reality that everything around us is getting more expensive. We felt we had to do something. We looked into creating more income streams so that school fees would remain affordable and continue to cover rising bills. What better way to do this than to get creative and think out of the box!

Out The Box is a project that will use our creative skills to bless the community in an entirely new way. The project offers handmade items for sale and provides services in Photography and Graphic Design. We have a team of talented designers and crafters just waiting to bless you at your request.

Using simple materials, we create beautiful gifts, something just a little different from the usual. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Our gifts offer something for everyone. Whether you’re celebrating a new life with a baby shower, graduation, a future bride, birthdays or even special days for moms and dads, our creativity has you covered. We realise that many of us are too busy and have neither the time nor the energy to do it all, so let us help you create memorable gifts that you can share with others during these special events.




Please keep in mind all items that are handmade can differ at times. We are open to personalisation. If you have a specific colour preference or special message requirements, let us know.

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