One of the most meaningful ways to fight poverty is to  focus on education

Many children in Romania are living in poverty, unable to read and write. Especially many girls drop out of school, marry young, become young mothers, fall into prostitution and then the cycle repeats with their children. We believe that by providing an education to these children, we cannot only break the cycle of poverty in their homes but in their communities.

Will you help break the cycle of poverty and invest in the lives of these children?


As part of the vision here at Adamant, we want to ensure that every child has the right to quality education. Therefore, every year, we make sure we have a number of spots available to accommodate students in need. With your help, we can make this vision alive for years to come.

Meet Simona

Simona is 17 years old, and it is her fourth year at Adamant International. She is a great public speaker and loves performing and sports. Through hard work and effort, her English improved a lot since she joined us. Most importantly…she has developed a love for the Lord, and she knows her Saviour. 

Meet Eliza

Eliza is 5 years old. She is in her third year at Adamant International. Though she is so tiny and speaks so softly, she has already learned many new English words. You will find her always laughing and singing with others. We are glad to have her join our Adamant family.

Meet Amalia

Amalia is 7 years old. She is in her fourth year at Adamant International. She is getting more confident with every day spent here in speaking both English and Romanian. Being loved and accepted is helping her reach her full potential.


Below are the sponsorship options that you can choose from. In addition, you can select one or more of the options that suit you best. Click the button to display more detailed information about your desired option.


Students' Monthly Fees

PACE Workbooks

Learning Basic Skills

Foundation in God's Word

Character Building

Safe Learning Environment

One on One Guidance

Chance for a Healthy Lifestyle


Welcome Letter


A welcome letter on email introducing your sponsored child, along with some information, photos and their background story. You’ll hear from us as to why we believe this child deserves a chance.

Letters and Photos


We will email you letters, photos and videos of your sponsored child for each term to show you their journey throughout the year. You will learn more about them, their interests, hear about their friends and much more.

Progress Reports


Each term you will receive a copy of the child’s progress report card, informing you of their academic progress throughout the year. You’ll see how your sponsorship can make an impact. Providing a chance for a better future.


Since we are a private Educational Centre, we’re not funded by the government. So parents in the school carry the cost for their child’s schooling. These costs cover school supplies, library books, bills, taxes, maintenance, staff salaries, etc., but in cases where the children’s parents cannot afford their child’s schooling, we need people like you to help cover their costs!

Please email us to start the sponsorship process, and we will get back to you with more detailed information and sponsorship options for these specific children.

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